Alexander Bartolomey.

I'm a web developer and Kubernetes enthusiast. Apart from that, I like pizza, espresso, and beautiful typefaces.


I currently study Computer Science as a master student at RWTH Aachen University.

In the past I've worked on

  • Writing a paper about shardable blockchain architecture
  • Doing distributed data processing Kubernetes Operators (and wrote a bachelor's thesis about it),
  • Building a new website and CMS for Eventbuddy,
  • Writing another paper, this time on “Methods for DevOps & Site Reliability Engineers” (slides)
  • Frontend projects on several ends, adoption of GitOps for Kubernetes, and Cloud advancement at anny,
  • designing, writing, and maintaining software from start to finish for space6, recycled e-ink displays that tightly integrate into the anny bookings software
  • Various open-source projects, available on Github.